Chesapeake Country is Farm Country!

Farming has been a way of life in Chesapeake Country for more than 375 years, a legacy that makes it one of the oldest "working landscapes" in North America. Today, agriculture remains the top industry in Cecil, Kent and Queen Anne's Countries.

As you travel through Chesapeake Country, you will see fields of corn, soybeans, wheat and barley. But there is much more than first meets the eye: "U-Pick" produce operations, nurseries and greenhouses, an organic dairy, vineyards, and horse breeding are also part of a diversified and dynamic agricultural economy.


Stop at a local farmers market or produce stand quickly reveals the diversity of crops grown here. Click here for more about what grows on The Shore.


Dairy farms and poultry farms are among the region's top five agricultural industries. Click here to find out more about Livestock of the Chesapeake.


Every facet of farming depends on machines - from flowing, to seeding, to harvesting. Click here to learn more about the big rigs that drive the harvest.


Spring. Summer. Fall Winter. Dramatic seasons offer dramatic opportunities to visit. Click here to see how changing seasons bring life to the Chesapeake.

Fun Facts

“The 14.2 million bushels of corn - Chesapeake Country farmers harvested can fill 1.3 billion boxes of corn flakes.”

“Chickens with white feathers and ear lobes lays white eggs. Those with brownish-red feathers and ear lobes lay brown eggs.”

“A Dairy Cow drinks about a bathtub full of water every day.”

“Chesapeake Country farmers produce 3.7 million bushels of wheat which producers enough flour to make 349 million loaves of break.”