Although it may not always be obvious, every season is a farm season.

Winter crops are harvested, and fields are readied for seeding. Greenhouses brim with early annuals. Farm stands sell asparagus, strawberries and early peas. Peach and apple trees bloom. Horses foal and cows calve. Hay is ready for its first mowing. Kids plan their summer 4-H projects. The air is filled with the smell of freshly plowed earth, and hopes run high for a good season.


Days in the field stretch from sunup to sundown. Tomatoes ripen. Corn tassels. Beach roads are filled, and farm stand business booms. Turf destined for suburban lawns is cut and rolled. Eyes scan the sky to get a read on the weather - will it rain or will it ever stop? Moms and dads snap pictures as their kids compete at the county fair.


Pumpkin patches brighten the landscape. Wine grapes hang heavy from their vines awaiting harvest. The drone of combines harvesting corn goes on into the night. Beef cattle fattened on summer pasture are shipped to market. And city kids weave through corn mazes, wishing that they could live on a farm.


Light snow dusts fields of winter wheat, rye and barley. Broken fences finally get repaired and tractor engines rebuilt. Spreadsheets fill computer screens s farmers calculate this year's harvest and plan for next year's planting. An ice storm snaps power lines. Generators hum keeping broiler houses warm and milking machines running. And everyone, hopefully, gets a little more sleep.

Top Ten Reasons to By Local

  • Food is fresher, so it tastes better.
  • Food is most nutritious when frest.
  • Food travels less, conserving energy.
  • Directly support local farmers.
  • Farms preserve open spaces.
  • Local food cuts down on packaging.
  • Farms provide habitat for wildlife.
  • Get the greatest variety of produce.
  • Get to know your farming neighbors.
  • It's just more fun!
Local Harvest

For a list of where to buy Chesapeake Country farm products and services, pickup a copy of the Upper Shore Harvest Directory. It is available from any local visitor's center or by visiting